Quality Online Content

Pathways Academy Charter School Adult Education utilizes Edgenuity curriculum to deliver quality online content with highly qualified teachers. Students can access their courses 24/7, working at their own pace to finish their high school diploma. Students will receive weekly outreach from their teacher and have access to teachers Monday through Friday, 8am-4pm, via phone, email, text message, or video chat.  

Each student will receive a personalized learning plan from their School Counselor with the courses left to meet graduation requirements. Students also get college and career counseling to help them towards their postsecondary goals.  

This program is highly flexible, focusing on mastery based instruction. Students take an online exam at the beginning of all core courses. Previous knowledge will result in a decrease in assigned course work, allowing students to complete courses faster by demonstrating mastery of California content standards. This means that students focus on coursework that they struggle with and bypass assignments for which the student has shown content mastery.

Students who prefer to work online, watch video instruction, and learn well independently choose this option.

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