Focused On Student Success

Pathways Academy Charter School Adult Education has a team of highly qualified, caring teachers who are passionate about student success.  Students in this program choose a primarily packet based curriculum.  This option is great for students with limited internet access, students who prefer textbooks, or students who need an individualized approach to meet their scholastic abilities.  Students in the Blended program can supplement their curriculum with online courses with teacher approval.

Our teachers guide students through their courses, meeting with them weekly to give feedback, help students progress through their coursework, and grade submitted work.  During this time, students can bring questions from their coursework, and receive individualized support.  Teachers are trained to create a personalized learning plan, working in conjunction with a student’s vocational training to achieve individual personal, professional, and academic goals.

This program is highly individualized.  Curriculum is customized and tailored to student need, ability, and interests (while simultaneously meeting California content standards).  Students who prefer books, paper, and working independently should choose this option.

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